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vocL is a leading national professional development programme and network, exclusively for a new generation of value-driven, ambitious, business leaders.

vocL voices become authentic, expert communicators, effectively representing themselves and their companies as champions of responsible business.
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Programme features

Developing techniques for creating and delivering compelling messaging and engaging content in safe but real-life environments.

For example:

  • Round table discussions with top industry leaders and policymakers.

  • Panel discussions (online live and in person) with MPs civil servants, business leaders and journalists.

  • Podcast creation and participation

  • Practicing interviewing and being interviewed

Supported by the vocL community, a dedicated Mentor Associate, their peer-to-peer cohort as well as our impressive group of Founder Associates.
Exclusive opportunities to network, connect with and learn from cross-industry leaders.
Exclusive access to a series of masterclasses delivered by industry experts and vocL partners.
Premium membership to our vocL app, a safe and constructive space for lively and interesting debate and communication channels.

Who is it for?

The three-year programme is aimed at organisations’ rising stars and future c-suite candidates. vocL Voices have an appetite to read about and speak about issues of concern to them.

They have a strong sense of social purpose, and believe, that all business leaders, and all businesses, should seek to have a positive social impact.

They have an interest in policy making and are keen to learn and to grow. They are lively communicators with a curious, questioning, creative mind, and a sense of humour.

The vocL Value

The vocL programme empowers responsible leaders by providing them with the tools, network and opportunities to practice the delivery of important messages in a safe space, leading them to have a positive impact on society as an individual and on behalf of their companies.
  • Build a recognised and responsible personal brand with support from peers and vocl Associates within the network
  • Mentored by top c-suite business leaders
  • Participation in national debates on vital business and societal issues
  • Gain exposure to policy matters and the relationship between business, society, government and policy making
"The support that I have received from my vocL mentor over the last 12 months has been invaluable. He played a pivotal role in refining my messaging, both for debating panels and in my communications with my team and clients. More broadly, he has helped me navigate our business through various challenges including improving our sustainability initiatives, implementing digital transformation and reaching our diversity and inclusion goals."
Will Lankston
Managing Director, Timpson Direct
vocL has quite simply turbo charged both my impact and influence through the powerful mentorship it offers - something that I had previously dismissed as a gimmick but now see as a complete game changer!
Dara Latinwo
Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Since joining VocL, I have had the opportunity to speak on issues that I care about to titans of industry, influencing real, positive change. Learning from the plethora of top businesspeople that VocL have in their network has encouraged me to contribute more to the public discourse and also equipped me with the tools to do so via their Masterclass series.
Vincent Egunlae
Manager M&A, Grant Thornton UK LLP
  • Recognise and cultivate responsible communicators who serve as role models both within and outside the organisation
  • Enhance corporate engagement and positive societal impact
  • Boost company brand value
  • Measurably improve corporate ESG credentials and increase retention of high-potential talent
For emerging business leaders, breaking into the world of public speaking can be daunting. Many of us have endured a trial-and-error phase, learning through our own missteps and observing others. However, vocL offers a unique opportunity to nurture leadership skills in a secure environment, enabling networking with peers and collaboration with established business figures to create content. This distinctive approach has the potential to revolutionise the development of confidence, expertise, and platforms for promoting responsible business voices that benefit all.
Sarah Walker-Smith
CEO Ampa Group and Shakespeare Martineau LLP
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If you have any questions or need assistance, please refer to our FAQ section below.

vocL Voices are typically sponsored by their respective organisations. In cases where employers do not have a budget, they should contact us to begin exploring if and how we could work together.

Yes - we can assist with your internal selection process in order to choose the most suitable candidate for our programme.

After initial onboarding conversations and content, the time commitment is approximately 6 hours per month.

vocL offers continuous opportunities for practice, preparation and participation in live events featuring journalists, MPs and civil servants. This hands-on learning experience in a safe environment provides exceptional insight that extends beyond traditional, short-term programmes.

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