Is it Time to Promote Authentic and Vulnerable Leadership?

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Lara Tabet
Associate, Arup

According to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, leaders fail time and time again because, as a society, we value confidence over competence, we love charisma and entertainment, and are attracted to narcissistic traits.

Is it time to promote authentic and vulnerable leadership? Can empathy be the key to successful leadership?

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VocL Voices’ Responses

Farah Janmohamed
Co Founder & Director Wren Laboratories Ltd

I think of empathy as a superpower – when applied it has the ability to improve any situation from complex negotiations to talent retention, customer satisfaction to marketing strategies. I’m so grateful that the business world is beginning to recognise and appreciate the contribution of empaths, introverts and those who lead with kindness, as these qualities are so incredibly valuable.

Vincent Egunlae
Assistant Manager – M&A, Grant Thornton UK LLP

We should promote all types of leadership, in order to create the diverse approach to business that facilitates accelerated growth. There is space for those who lead from the back, rather than the front, but we can’t make the mistake of excluding either type. We have to focus on growth, so we can create more opportunities for different types of leaders to thrive.

Gonzalo Coello de Portugal
Associate – Design and Project Leadership, Arup

Empathy in politics allows to connect with masses of voters, but may hide the real competence. In the business world empathy is required in a personal approach, and will build up the competence of the team.

I expect an authentic leader will know their own areas of growth, and be able to share their strong and weak points with their colleagues so they work as a team complementing each other. A good leader will avoid faking their character to appear confident in every situation. It is not a matter of vulnerability, but a matter of honesty and trust.

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