Anthropy 2023: How can business help Britain rediscover its green future?

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vocL’s live panel discussion at Anthropy UK this year stirred conversations around hope, motivation, and encouragement for a greener Britain. 

Featuring vocL voices and industry leaders like Ben Horn from Crystal Doors and William Lankston from Timpson Direct, the panel provided unique insights into achieving sustainability goals, emphasising both success stories and the challenges ahead.

Anabel Kindersley of Neal’s Yard Remedies passionately highlighted the importance of inclusive sustainability practices, while Juergen Maier, vocL’s co-founder, rallied attendees to become “pragmatic agitators” in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Overall, vocL’s presence at Anthropy UK sparked a collective commitment to fostering a greener Britain, blending diverse insights, passionate advocacy, and a call to pragmatic action for a sustainable tomorrow.

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